Stim Machines

Electrotherapy Machines from Richmar

Stim machine treating shoulder, with heat therapy.

Electrotherapy treatments make use of a stim machine to deliver electric stimulation to the muscles of the patient to alleviate spasms and pain. Stim machines come with a variety of waveforms such as Interferential Current (IFC) or Premodulated (Premod) – used to reduce swelling and inflammation, among being used for other indications. Richmar stim machines have these and other waveforms available in our line of electrotherapy and combination therapy devices.

Winner EVO electrotherapy machine 

Winner EVO Stim Machine

Winner EVO, is a stim machine available with 2 or 4 channels of independently programmable electrostimulation. Each of the EVO Series electrotherapy machines are upgradeable to provide Cold Laser Therapy.


TheraTouch EX4

The TheraTouch EX4 is an advanced four-channel electrotherapy system offering a wide range of treatment options in one user-friendly, ergonomic design.