Electrotherapy Machines to Treat Soft Tissue Disorders

Winner EVO Combo Electrotherapy device

The electrotherapy options from Richmar range from combination stimulation and ultrasound machines for the clinic, to portable handheld therapeutic lasers. Richmar has manufactured quality electrotherapy machines for over 45 years, and today we continue our history of innovation, bringing new technologies to the rehabilitation market.

Combo Therapy

Combination therapy equipment offering a combination electrostimulation with ultrasound modalities.

Winner EVO Combo therapy device

Winner EVO Combo

The Winner EVO Combo - a combination therapy machine available with 2 channel or 4 channels of electrostimulation, in addition to dual frequency (1 & 3 MHz) therapeutic ultrasound. Available with 5 cm² ultrasound applicator, Therapy Hammer (2 cm² / 5 cm² combination), or AutoSound hands-free therapeutic ultrasound applicators.

Electrotherapy Machines

Electrostimulation machines offering 2 or 4 channels of independent stim therapy.

Winner EVO Stim Machine

Winner EVO Stim

Winner EVO Stim machine is available with 2 channels or 4 channels of electrotherapy. As with every device in the EVO Series line, the Winner EVO Stim can be upgraded with a Laser Module to allow the addition of laser therapy using the LaserPrism laser probe, and / or SLD light probe for light therapy treatments.