TheraTouch LX2

Simplified Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

TheraTouch LX2 (DQLLLT)

The TheraTouch® LX2 is a Class IIIb "cold laser" therapy device, capable of delivering up to 35 joules/cm² 
per treatment that comes standard with a 850nm 
9-diode cluster applicator. A single diode applicator is also available as an accessory. Like other TheraTouch products, the LX2 uses a touchscreen interface with evidence-based clinical protocols to easily set up treatment for common acute and chronic conditions, and is backed by Richmar’s industry-leading three-year warranty.

  • Delivers up to 35 j/cm² of LLLT in a single treatment
  • Built-in dosage calculator automatically calculates output in:
    - Joules
    - J/cm²
    - J/diode
  • Programmable treatment time up to 4 minutes
  • Continuous or pulsed output modes
  • 2 output channels
  • 10 predefined clinical protocols
  • Save up to 100 user-defined protocols
  • Available with optional therapy cart and/or single diode applicator

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DQLLLTTheraTouch LX2


DQLLLT-CA9 Diode Cluster Applicator


DQLLLT-SASingle Diode Applicator
DQCART-2Therapy Cart


Power100-240V 50/60Hz
Programmable treatment timeUp to 4 minutes
Mode of OperationContinuous or pulsed
Pulsed Mode90%
Emission Frequency1Hz-10000Hz
Laser ClassificationClass IIIb