Therapeutic Ultrasound Machines

Therapeutic Ultrasound Machines and Accessories

Hands-free ultrasound treatment with TheraSound and AutoSound applicator

Richmar's legacy spans over 45 years of engineering and manufacturing therapeutic ultrasound devices and other rehabilitation equipment. This includes creating the industry's first device capable of combined stim and therapeutic ultrasound; as well as the patented AutoSound hands-free therapeutic ultrasound applicator.

Therasound EVO Ultrasound Therapy Machine 

TheraSound EVO Ultrasound

The TheraSound EVO is a therapeutic ultrasound machine capable of 1 & 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies, and is fully compatible with the AutoSound applicator to provide hands-free ultrasound therapy.


Hands-free AutoSound Therapeutic Ultrasound Applicator 

AutoSound Hands-Free Therapeutic Ultrasound

Hands-free ultrasound treatments help busy clinics be more efficient. The AutoSound Hands-Free Ultrasound Applicator is compatible with Therasound EVO and Winner EVO Combo Units.


Winner EVO combination therapy machine 

Winner EVO Combo

The Winner EVO combination therapy machine features therapeutic ultrasound in addition to stimulation capability.