TheraMED Dual Moist-Dry Heating Pad

Moist Heat Therapy


The TheraMed Professional Dual Moist-Dry Heating Pad offers two applications in one for optimal therapy. It can be used dry or moist with the dampened sponge insert. The moist heat option provides deep penetrating relief from sore, stiff muscles, while the dry option provides a comforting warm treatment.  The unique pad design delivers a consistent therapeutic heat in the recommended range and eliminates any spikes to maintain an even comfortable level at all times.

  • Provides soothing relief from chronic back pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, post-surgery pain, menstrual cramps and arthritis
  • Dual application - can be used dry or moist 
with dampened sponge insert
  • Flexible pad with extra-soft machine washable 
cover (100% polyester) for a comfortable feel
  • Four heat settings - warm, low, medium and high
  • Ergonomically designed hand controller with 
simple one-button operation and color-coded LED indicators
  • 40 minute auto shut-off feature
  • 8-foot extra long cord for easy positioning 
and freedom of movement during use
  • Available in two sizes - medium and king


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TheraMED Pro Dual Moist-Dry Heat Pad 
Medium, 12" x 15"
TheraMED Pro Dual Moist-Dry Heat Pad 
King, 12" x 24"