HydraHeat Hot Packs

Pliable Hot Packs that Conform to the Treatment Area

Heat Pack for heat therapy treatment
HydraHeat Cervical Pack
HydraHeat Universal Pack
HydraHeat Oversize Pack
HydraHeat Standard Pack

Use HydraHeat Hot Packs to deliver heat therapy at safer temperatures. 

Typical heat packs require high heating temperatures to kill the bacteria that can enter through their porous coverings. HydraHeat Hot Packs have a non-porous skin, allowing treatments to occur at lower, safer temperatures.

  • Polymer Skin is Bacteria Resistant and Easy to Wipe Clean, Lessening the Risk of Bacterial Attachment
  • Provide Treatment within Optimal Temperature Range of 120° - 140° F
  • No Need to Cover with Terry Covers — A Simple Towel or Pillow Case is the Only Barrier Needed between the Heat Pack and the Patient
  • Pliable Heat Packs— Contours to the Treatment Area for Optimal Placement
  • SureSeam Process Ensures the Integrity is Maintained with No Bursting or Leaking
  • Compatible with All Types of Heating Units; but for Best Results — Use with HydraTherm Heating Unit to Ensure a Clean Heat Therapy System
  • HydraHeat Hot Packs are Non-Latex, and are Covered by a 1 Year Warranty

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Ordering Details

17” x 13” (43 x 33 cm)
19" x 5" (48 x 13 cm)
Neck Contour/Cervical
17” x 11” (43 x 28 cm)
17” x 11” (43 x 28 cm)