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    Leading Chain of Private Physical Therapy Clinics Selects GelShot as the New Standard Across All Facilities

    Results Physiotherapy is a groundbreaking, fast-growing company of more than 100 PT clinics located primarily in the Southeastern United States. After introducing the GelShot concept to Results’ executive management, Results Physiotherapy agreed to participate in the GelShot Beta Test Program. The result: Results Physiotherapy will transition from bulk gel to GelShot across all of their existing facilities, and all new facilities will only be outfitted with GelShot as the coupling medium for ult...  Read More...

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    Infection Prevention Leads NY Hospital to GelShot Over Traditional Ultrasound Gel.

    After the Joint Commission’s suggestions regarding the use of lotions and gels, safety and sanitation concerns were raised in the rehabilitation department of a New York-based hospital group. To address the concerns, the hospital group initiated a three-month trial of GelShot to test its efficacy against traditional ultrasound gel. After a very successful review of GelShot, the hospital group eliminated bulk ultrasound gel from all of its hospitals and outpatient facilities.   Read More...

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    HIVAMAT Debuted at FCA's The National

    The Florida Chiropractic Association’s event, The National, proved to be a great success for the debut of Richmar’s new line of deep oscillation therapy devices. The HIVAMAT 200 and HIVAMAT 200 Evident provide deep oscillation through friction and electrostatic current, providing pain relief, muscle relaxation and increased mobility. We were also pleased that the event gave us the opportunity to engage with the great team from Scrip-Hessco, our preferred partner in the chiropractic space.  Read More...

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    Richmar, a leader in the manufacture of physical medicine products and consumables in the US, has entered into a joint venture with Physiomed® Elektromedizin AG, a global physical therapy equipment producer in Germany. The two companies will integrate technologies over the next several years to bring new, innovative, clinically-tested therapies to...  Read More...

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    Richmar Ultrasound. GelShot Included.

    GelShot, the latest in ultrasound coupling technology, is now included with all new Winner EVO Combo units, as well as all new Therasound ultrasound therapy machines. This includes a box of GelShot coupling discs and a GelShot Adaptor already installed onto the ultrasound applicator, free of charge, as a "thank you" for choosing RIchmar. A clinical study has shown that treatments using GelShot allows for higher tissue heating during therapeutic ultrasound than with traditional ultrasound ge...  Read More...

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    GelShot Debuts to American Occupational Therapy Association

    GelShot Therapeutic Ultrasound Coupling Discs made their first appearance to the occupational therapy market at the American Occupational Therapy Association's (AOTA) Annual Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL. Attendees who gathered to hear about GelShot learned not only about how GelShot doesn't leave the icky mess associated with ultrasound gel, nor does it require the extensive cleanup. Other notes included how GelShot achieves more efficient treatment compared to the traditional ...  Read More...

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    Opioid Abuse Triggers CDC Guidelines

    The CDC has reported that 46 people in the United States die each day as the result of overdosing on prescription painkillers. This unfortunate circumstance has led to the CDC recommendation to avoid prescribing long-term opioid painkillers in many situations. Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDC, stated that "no other medication routinely used [...] kills patients so frequently." Many opiates prescribed are as addictive as heroine, and don't do a good job of controlling chronic pain.  Read More...

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    Everything Has Changed - GelShot is Here.

    The revolutionary product from Richmar that you have heard about for so long is here! We are excited to officially inform you that our GelShot production area is fully commissioned and our employees are pumping out shot after shot of 5cm coupling discs.     In case you haven't heard — GelShot coupling discs are single-use, semi solid “shots” of coupling media designed to deliver a no-mess, highly effective ultrasound treatment with a reduced risk of patient cross-contaminatio...  Read More...

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    HydraTherm Tackles Infection Prevention

    Have you dealt with the JCAHO guidelines that have been put in place for moist heat therapy products? Cross contamination is a major undertaking in hospital settings today and heat therapy products have been heavily scrutinized. JCAHO adheres to manufacturer's guidelines on cleaning or to a facility's AEM program.  Read More...

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