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The Top 5 Features Your Diathermy Machine Needs

The Top 5 Features Your Diathermy Machine Needs

Diathermy is resurging in rehabilitation. It’s important that you have the RIGHT diathermy machine! Your facility should invest in a device that’s tough, simple-to-use, and effective. What does that look like? Check out the top 5 features your shortwave diathermy machine should absolutely include for the best treatment outcomes!

1. Evidence-Based Dosing Options

Dosing options give you tighter titration, which results in gentler, safer treatments for your patients. Protocol suggestions backed by clinical research ensure safe and effective treatments.

2. Fast Heating Time

You need efficient coupling for rapid heating. That means shorter treatment times for your patients! Ultimately, faster heating means happier patients, and the opportunity to get more people in and out of your practice.

3. A Flexible, Reliable Arm

A diathermy machine is an investment. You need a machine that can stand the test of time and the daily rigors of a busy clinic. A strong arm with multiple articulation points allows alignment of the electrode to several areas of the body with no fear of slippage during treatment.

4. Microcirculation

You want to utilize every opportunity to enhance how fast tissue heals. Your diathermy unit should be able to produce a non-thermal, microcirculation to increase tissue healing and accelerate fibroblastic activity.

5. Easy-to-Use Interface

Your diathermy machine may be an incredible piece of technology, but it shouldn’t be so complex you struggle to use it. You should be able to start a treatment with a couple of clicks, plus have a library of information at your fingertips. Look for an easy-to-use interface that will make treatments run smoothly!

This technology exists, and there’s no reason your facility should settle for anything less. Check out more information on exclusive technology that can help provide your patients with safer, faster treatments!