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ScripHessco and Advantage Medical to offer LidoFlex this year

ScripHessco and Advantage Medical to offer LidoFlex this year

October 28, 2014 — Two members of Scrip Companies, ScripHessco, a supplier of chiropractic products, and Advantage Medical, a provider of physical therapy equipment and supplies, will begin offering the Richmar LidoFlex Pain Relief Patch when it launches Q4 of 2014. LidoFlex delivers clinical-strength lidocaine—the maximum amount of this pain reliever available without a prescription.

“For today’s chiropractor, physical therapist, and athletic trainer, this new approach to pain relief delivery is critically important and efficient,” said Kray Kibler, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of ScripHessco. “Traditional therapies include drug infusion through iontophoresis, which requires physician prescription. Offering LidoFlex to our customers as soon as it is available represents Scrip’s commitment to providing the most advanced, least costly, and most convenient products on the market.”LidoFlex can be used in pain management programs for the temporary relief of pain with its unique form-fitting, extremity-specific shapes. LidoFlex:

  • Stays securely in place even in water and during activities.
  • Is effective, long-lasting pain relief without narcotics.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Delivers a consistent, isolated effect that provides a cooling sensation, followed by anesthetic pain relief.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this new Richmar product,” said Jeff Worrell, vice president, Physical Therapy, Advantage Medical. “LidoFlex eliminates the cost and waiting associated with a prescription and enables the patient to conveniently absorb the lidocaine relief through the skin via the extremity-specific patches.”

Chad Morgan, president, Richmar, makers of LidoFlex, added, “Lidocaine has an established, successful history as a commonly used anesthetic with a well-known safety profile around the world. We’re pleased to have the support of ScripHessco and Advantage Medical so that this revolutionary advance in pain relief will reach more people.”