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Richmar Introduces New Innovations to Shortwave Diathermy

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Richmar Introduces New Innovations to Shortwave Diathermy

A Classic Modality Used for Pain Relief, Joint Contractures, and Chronic Inflammatory Conditions


Cleveland, Ohio, April 16, 2018 – Richmar, the innovation leaders in the physiotherapy equipment industry, announced today the release of its new TheraTouch® DX2 Shortwave Diathermy product. The TheraTouch DX2 brings new innovations in safety and efficacy to the shortwave diathermy modality not currently offered by competitive models on the market, including:

  • Six dosing options including the addition of two new dosimetry modes within Dose III, made possible by Scientific Dosage Control (SDC) – SDC M and SDC H – provide tighter titration and gentler, safer treatments;
  • High Efficiency Auto Tuning (HEAT) Technology which provides efficient coupling for rapid heating and shorter treatment times;
  • A robust mechanical arm with five articulation points is easily positioned for improved patient comfort while withstanding the everyday rigors of clinical use;
  • A full-color touch screen interface equipped with 15 preset evidence-based protocols – six dosimetry protocols and nine quick links by indication – and an anatomical library with placement guidelines;
  • Advanced onboard software allowing therapists to store up to 99 user-defined favorites.

The TheraTouch DX2 unit is a very sophisticated, yet simple-to-use unit, and therapists can easily begin treatment with a few quick touches to the home screen.

“We are excited to bring new innovations and cutting-edge technology to a classic modality used in the rehabilitation market,” commented Ryan Moore, Senior Vice President of Richmar. “The TheraTouch DX2 takes shortwave diathermy to a whole new level with its ease of use, safety profile and efficiency in the clinic.”

Shortwave Diathermy is a clinical modality that provides a superior form of deep tissue heating using electromagnetic waves and is commonly used by therapists for the treatment pain relief, muscle spasms, joint contractures, and chronic inflammatory conditions.

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