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Richmar Introduces Antimicrobial MicroBlock

Richmar Introduces Antimicrobial MicroBlock — NEW Anti-Infection Electrodes for Use With Electrotherapy Devices

First and Only Antimicrobial Electrode Rolls Out at Richmar Booth
During APTA Combined Sections Meeting January 23-26 in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C, Jan. 18, 2019 — MicroBlock, the first and only electrodes on the market designed to inhibit and kill growth of common disease-causing bacteria in electrotherapy devices, is being introduced by Richmar® at booth #545 in the APTA's (American Physical Therapy Association) Combined Sections Meeting January 23-26 downtown in Washington, D.C.

Infection Prevention

"Scientific testing of MicroBlock, in research and development for 16 months, has proven its efficacy in dispatching infection-causing bacteria," Richmar Senior VP Ryan Moore said. "Not only do no other electrodes protect your patients against infection, but MicroBlock has been tested to maintain antimicrobial performance over the ten-application lifespan of the electrode."

Moore noted that the FDA listed benzethonium chloride, the antimicrobial agent in MicroBlock, among the suggested alternatives to chlorhexidine gluconate, an antiseptic agent that is known to have rare but severe allergic reactions.

"MicroBlock was created expressly to prevent infection by reducing the risk of contamination in electrotherapy devices employed in hospital, rehabilitation, and other healthcare settings," Moore said. "MicroBlock is the logical choice for any healthcare facility wanting to cut the risk of healthcare-associated infections during patient treatment."

Moore explained that MicroBlock antimicrobial electrodes are effective against common bacteria on and around the "zone of inhibition," i.e., the area directly surrounding and including the electrode. "The antimicrobial electrode surface reduces the risk of contamination and helps prevent infection by killing harmful microbes and common antibiotic-resistant threats that contact the surface of the electrode," he said. "These electrodes can play an important part in infection prevention for any level of healthcare facilities up to and including cleanrooms."

Bacteria against which MicroBlock is effective include:

  • E. cloacae (CRE), S. aureus (MRSA, i.e., methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to several antibiotics);
  • E. coli (i.e., ESBL, i.e., extended spectrum beta-lactamases, a problematic type of enzyme) and E. faecalis (VRE, i.e., vancomycin-resistant enterococci);
  • P. aeruginosa (causes very aggressive infections, particularly of lungs or skin); and
  • A. baumannii (multi-drug resistant and opportunistic pathogen that is becoming increasingly important as a hospital-derived infection).

"Evidence shows that bacteria can be transferred on an electrode from one treatment to the next, potentially reintroducing bacteria to a patient when their immune system is compromised," Moore explained. "In fact, the CDC estimates that 1 in 31 hospital patients will have at least one such healthcare-associated infection. MicroBlock reduces this threat by eradicating microbes on the surface of the electrode between treatments."

Competitive Pricing

Sold through medical supply distributors and dealers, Richmar's MicroBlock is a premium product available at competitive pricing, making it accessible to healthcare facilities of all sizes and budgets, he said.

"Of course no other electrode protects your patients against bacterial contamination, so only MicroBlock forestalls the costs of additional treatment and potential litigation triggered by a healthcare-associated infection."

About Richmar
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