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How HIVAMAT Helps With Sports Injuries

How HIVAMAT Helps With Sports Injuries

Athletic injuries can be incredibly debilitating and cause individuals to miss time on the field, take a break from their favorite pass-time, or even struggle to perform routine activities. Traditional therapies take time, energy, and can be contraindicated in acute injuries. Richmar is proud to offer HIVAMAT, a form of FDA approved deep oscillation therapy that can accelerate recovery and help to eliminate many of the barriers to sport and musculoskeletal injury recovery.

How the Therapy Works

Manual techniques are enhanced by vibrations in the patient’s tissues, which can reach up to 8 centimeters deep. The vibrations are the result of the movement of the therapist’s hands in conjunction with the opposing polarities of the patient and therapist that are caused by the deep oscillation device in 3 phases, and can last up to 20 minutes, depending on the indications and outcomes needed. These oscillations yield a gentle yet extremely effective physiological effect on the skin, muscles, connective tissues, and lymphatic system, to enhance the body’s natural healing process. 

The Effects of Deep Oscillation

Deep oscillation provides direct benefits to the injured tissue in 3 ways. First, oscillations in the muscles break down metabolic waste and allow the muscles to relax. As the muscles relax, lymphatic pathways open up and as the metabolic waste and lymph fluid is evacuated, oxygen and nutrients are brought into the injured area, promoting repair. Ultimately, this reduces pressure on nerves in the area, lessening pain and promoting a speedier recovery. 

Which Model is Right for You?

Richmar provides two deep oscillation therapy devices— The HIVAMAT 200 Portable and the HIVAMAT 200 Evident. The Portable is battery operated to provide all of the benefits of deep oscillation whether your players are at home or away. It uses practice-specific protocol cards to populate treatment parameters for the most common injuries and indications.  The HIVAMAT 200 Evident is a stationary clinical device capable of treating two patients at once, with the ability to program and even save treatment parameters for later use. Both devices supplement manual techniques while “saving the therapists hands” to provide  much needed relief from acute and chronic sports-related injuries and conditions.  

Ready to learn more about HIVAMAT? Explore our Evident and Portable models now!