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6 Reasons to Upgrade to the HydraTherm Moist Heat Therapy System

Decades have passed without a noteworthy or significant improvement to moist heat therapy. Therapy professionals often wrongly believe that all moist heat therapy heaters are created equal, with the only difference being size and price. However, you may be surprised to learn, this is no longer the case! The HydraTherm Heat Therapy System has been engineered to improve clinical efficiency and reduce the risk of patient injury. From looks alone, you can tell that this is not your typical heating unit, as state-of-the-art upgrades in technology set it far apart from traditional heating units. But how does it compare point-by-point? Keep reading to find out six ways HydraTherm Heat Therapy System is the best choice for anyone looking to upgrade or replace an existing heat therapy device.

1. Superior Materials

Clinician removing a non-porous HydraHeat Pack from the rust-less composite plastic tank of the HydraTherm

Unlike traditional models, which are oftentimes made with a stainless steel tank prone to rust, the HydraTherm Heating Unit uses a rust-free composite tank. That means you won’t have to worry about having to replace your unit due to rust and corrosion. In addition to the composite tank, each HydraTherm Heating Unit comes with the option to add on an electric drain pump. Clinical staff know the inefficiency of inferior gravity-fed drain pumps, which are slow to drain and require relocating the device to a floor drain in order to empty it. Using the electric drain pump, users can easily drain the device in a nearby sink.

2. Modern Safety Features

HydraTherm makes use of modern safety to feature to protect against personal injury and product damage

In addition to upgraded materials, the HydraTherm features several safety features you may not find on competing devices. These include: low volt interface to guard against electric shock; low water sensor to turn off the heating element when water levels drop too low, protecting against damage to the heating element; and recessed heating element guards against accidental contact from the user or heat packs.

3. Digital Thermostat and Digital Temperature Controller

Clinician using the HydraTherm's digital temperature control

Would you rather guess your temperature setting, or set your temperature setting? Traditional analog temperature dials do not clearly indicate temperature settings, requiring multiple readings and adjustments in order to reach the desired water temperature. The HydraTherm Heating Unit features an innovative digital thermostat that gives precise control of the water temperature. The digital display also clearly shows the current water temperature, making documentation and compliance tasks a breeze.

4. Industry-Leading Two Year Warranty

Deluxe HydraTherm heating unit with HydraHeat Pack

Even taking into account the points above, we understand that consumers are naturally skeptical when it comes to upgrading or replacing their current devices with a differing one. That’s why we stand by our industry-leading, two-year warranty, which allows medical professionals to purchase our units with the utmost confidence. This stands in stark contrast to other devices on the market today that only offer a warranty half as long, if they even offer one at all. Should you need help at any time after you purchase the HydraTherm Heating Unit, you can always call our toll free number (1.888.549.4945) to speak to our US-based customer support team.

4. Safer Treatment Temperatures

Clinician treating patient with a HydraHeat Pack wrapped in a towel

HydraHeat packs, which are non-porous, allow for heating with lower, safer temperatures. Traditional packs require higher heating temperatures in order to kill the mildew and bacteria that can seep in through the outer layer of the canvas, and multiply within. This comprehensive control in a clinical setting will reduce the risk to patients and make it safer to give proper treatment, regardless of injury and body type.

5. A Cleaner Moist Heat Therapy System

Clear water in the HydraTherm after removing HydraHeat Packs, compared to the clay mess left behind in stainless heaters using canvas packs

Thanks to the rust-free composite tank, the HydraTherm needs to be cleaned just twice during one calendar year. Traditional devices have stainless tanks, which need bi-weekly attention, causing clinicians to take time away from their patients to complete routine tasks around the center. The HydraTherm Heating Unit was designed for use with clean water and HydraHeat packs, which will help maintain cleanliness year-round. If you upgrade to the HydraTherm Deluxe, you will receive the added benefit of the electric drainage pump emptying tank, which makes cleaning the tank both easier and faster.